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There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the right music and audio equipment for your music recording jobs at a fair price. Quality equipment produces quality sound. It takes time to build talent and unless you have the best audio equipment and supplies it won’t sound perfect. Listed below you will have access to local audio equipment supply stores around Lancaster that have any and everything you are looking for to record music including assistive listening devices, audio cables, audio racks & cases, audio stands, headphones, amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers, microphones, wireless microphones, portable sound systems, signal processors, DJ equipment, PA packages, music recording software and more.

Guitar Center Palmdale
(661) 947-8887
1011 West Avenue P
Palmdale, CA
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Mon-Fri: 11-8
Sat: 10-8
Sun: 11-6

Discoteca Portillo
(661) 951-0996
1147 W Avenue I
Fairmont, WV
Guitars Jewelry & More
(661) 726-5212
520 W Lancaster Blvd
Fairmont, WV
A V Ricks Pawnshop & Diamond Exchange
(661) 949-7707
673 W Avenue I
Fairmont, WV
Guitar Center
(661) 947-8887
1011 W Rancho Vista Blvd
Palmdale, CA
Guitar Center #113
(661) 947-8887
1011 W Rancho Vista Blvd
Palmdale, CA
A V Ricks Pawnshop & Diamond Exchange
(661) 949-7708
630 W Lancaster Blvd
Fairmont, WV
Chase Organ Company
(661) 948-2247
119 W Nugent St
Fairmont, WV
Jim Scimonetti Woodwind & Brass Repair
(661) 729-2520
701 W Avenue K
Fairmont, WV
Kevin Wringht Carney Music
(661) 435-1361
39718 Dover Dr
Palmdale, CA

MOTU Introduces Audio Express

0311 MOTU Audio Express

MOTU has announced the Audio Express, a 6x6 hybrid FireWire/USB 2.0 audio interface and mixer for personal studio recording and live performance mixing. The Audio Express features studio-grade sound, hands-on mixing, MIDI connectivity, and all the audio I/O needed for a well-equipped personal studio. Advanced features include front-panel control of four stereo mix busses, stand-alone mixing, digitally controlled analog trim, DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) audio clocking for exceptionally low jitter performance, and an instrument tuner.

CLICK HERE to watch the Audio Express movie.

"If you are looking for studio-grade sound quality combined with straightforward operation, the Audio Express is the perfect audio interface and mixer for your personal studio," said Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing at MOTU. "Just connect your mic, guitar, and keyboard, and you are ready to go, either in the studio or live on stage."

Studio-grade multichannel audio for Mac or PC

Thanks to MOTU's Hybrid interface technology, the Audio Express connects to any current Mac or PC via FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0 and provides six simultaneous inputs and outputs. Two XLR/TRS "combo" jacks with clean, neutral preamps provide input for guitars and microphones, with individual 48V phantom power for each input. Two additional quarter-inch (TRS) analog inputs let users connect a keyboard, drum machine, or other line-level instrument. Four quarter-inch (TRS) analog outputs can be connected to powered monitors, stage wedges, or other output destinations.

All quarter-inch analog connectors are balanced to ensure the best-possible protection against RF interference, AC hum, and other noise-producing environmental factors.

The rear panel includes S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI I/O, and a foot switch input for hands-free punch-in recording (or other computer keyboard function, programmed from the included setup software).

Straightforward hands-on mixing for studio and stage

The Audio ...

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