Keyboards Farmington NM

Playing the keyboard is a geat way to break into music. If you're looking for a new keyboard or just want to know more about what's available on the market, keep reading for details on different keyboard models.

AvantGrand All-Star Roundtable Farmington NM

Yamaha's new AvantGrand digital piano is causing quite a stir. The company calls it a "hybrid" piano, and that's not just marketing hype. The hybrid approach was taken seriously by Yamaha even at the conceptualization and design stages of the Avant Grand, as it's the first Yamaha digital project on which the acoustic piano division of the company had equal input.

Dave Smith's Mopho Keyboard Farmington NM

The Mopho Keyboard’s voice architecture is essentially the same as DSI’s Mopho and Tetra desktop synthesizer modules. It features two oscillators, two sub-octave generators, selectable 2- or 4-pole low-pass filter, feedback, and a ton of modulation options, including three envelope generators, four LFOs, and a 16 x 4 step sequencer. It has a full-sized, semi-weighted, 32-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch and full-sized pitch and modulation wheels. The Poly Chain feature enables expanded polyphony using other DSI synths.

Doepfer Dark Energy: Mainstream Modular Synthesis Has Arrived Farmington NM

Every component,from audio signal path to modulation,is completely analog, giving the DarkEnergy a monster sound that virtualsynths still can't equal.
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