Keyboards Hobbs NM

Playing the keyboard is a geat way to break into music. If you're looking for a new keyboard or just want to know more about what's available on the market, keep reading for details on different keyboard models.

Doepfer Dark Energy: Mainstream Modular Synthesis Has Arrived Hobbs NM

Every component,from audio signal path to modulation,is completely analog, giving the DarkEnergy a monster sound that virtualsynths still can't equal.

Native Instruments Alicia Keys Keyboard Hobbs NM

The sound of Alicia Keys’ piano, which is by turns lush and assertive , is all over her hit records. Working closely with renowned keyboard soundware developer Thomas Skarbye (better known as Scarbee), not to mention Alicia Keys herself, Native Instruments has captured the magic of that sound in Alicia’s Keys . Being that it’s one piano loved by one artist, this new sampled grand isn’t perfect f...

Pianos Hobbs NM

The piano was invented in the early 1700’s and debuted in Italy. There have been many changes since the first piano was made. Basically it’s a stringed keyboard instrument that requires hand eye coordination. The piano creates a distinct sound that can be appreciated alone or in combination with other instruments. Learning to play the piano is a rewarding experience and pianists are paid very well. Today there are a wide variety of pianos in different styles, shapes and sizes. There are two types of pianos: vertical and horizontal. Horizontal pianos are also known as grand pianos. Vertical pianos include spinet, console, studio and upright and grand pianos include petite, baby, medium, parlor, ballroom and concert. It’s important to research what piano fits your style and needs before committing to buy one. Here you will find local piano shops around Hobbs that can help you get started.

Yamaha Piaggero Portable Piano Hobbs NM

Featuring the Graded Soft Touch keyboard action, the NP-V60 and NP-V80 are the perfect musical tools for when space is at a minimum and the player requires mobility. Exclusive Yamaha Style content helps users enjoy the experience of playing with an ensemble, and the USB-TO-HOST port connects directly to any MAC or PC for an array of musical applications.

Yamaha S70XS New Standard in Performance Keyboards Hobbs NM

Great sounds including stellar new S6piano. Super-easy to create splits andlayers on the fly. Expanded control surfacefunctionality for DAWs. DAW Remote button turns the S70XS into a control surface for DP, Logic, or Sonar — or the included Cubase AI software, for which the integration goes especially deep.
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