Software Butte MT

If you're looking to work on your music with an editing software, you'll want to find out as much as you can before you make your purchase. Read on to learn all about music software and what you should be looking for in a program.

Essential iPhone Apps for Synthesis Butte MT

Intrepid developer Chris Wolfe has taken some of these concepts and created an extraordinary little app called Jasuto. Stocked with a massive array of both classic and exotic components, Jasuto is a 21st century modular synth in the form of an iPhone app. Read on for details.

Guitar Amp Simulators In Keyboard? Butte MT

You heard right, Amp simulation software is not just for guitars. Amp simulators are generally loaded with effects, amps, and cabinets. Read on for details

Roland Releases Fantom-G System Update Butte MT

Roland Corporation is pleased to announce the release of version 1.30 update for the Fantom-Gworkstations. This free download adds new content and enhancements to the Fantom-G, including new rhythm patterns, and a newly added ArpeggioImport Function.

Audio Ease Releases Cabinet Butte MT

It shows fiveof our favorite cabs from Speakerphone, a good live room, the best spring re-verb and a bunch of mics. All real samples, convolution based, with Audio Ease's award-winning quality Cabinet is not the ultimate shredder preamp, but it most definitely is the ultimate final stage for your guitar tone

Audio Equipment Supplies Butte MT

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the right music and audio equipment for your music recording jobs at a fair price. Quality equipment produces quality sound. It takes time to build talent and unless you have the best audio equipment and supplies it won’t sound perfect. Listed below you will have access to local audio equipment supply stores around Butte that have any and everything you are looking for to record music including assistive listening devices, audio cables, audio racks & cases, audio stands, headphones, amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers, microphones, wireless microphones, portable sound systems, signal processors, DJ equipment, PA packages, music recording software and more.

Blue Cat Audio RTAS Cable Butte MT

all of their high-end audio analysis tools and signal processor plug-ins have been updated to the Digidesign RTAS format making these available to all ProTools and M-Powered users.

Manley UAD-2 Platform Plug-in Butte MT

Working with Manley Labs, Universal Audio’s Massive Passive EQ plug-in represents the most ambitious hardware EQ modeling project to date, bringing UAD-2 users both the standard and mastering versions of this world-renowned EQ in one package. Specifically, the two-channel, four-band Manley Massive Passive EQ utilizes design strengths from choice console, graphic, parametric and Pultec EQs — delivering a fundamentally different EQ that’s beyond compare. Read on.

Native Instruments Paranormal Spectrums Audio Mixer Butte MT

Based on atmospheric field recordings, unusual sampled sounds and intricate synthesizer programming, PARANORMAL SPECTRUMS offers a wide assortment of evocative pads and sinister soundscapes, as well as intense mallets, flutes, bells and synth sounds that are both original and highly playable. Read on to know more about this product.

Spectrasonics Trilian Butte MT

Every recording needs bass. Well, maybe not flute duets, but everything else. So every virtual studio needs a soft synth that delivers strong bass. Spectrasonics Trilogy, released in 2002, provided great sampled acoustic and electric bass, and became the go-to virtual bass in many studios. Trilian takes the Trilogy concept into the stratosphere.

Yellow Tools Independence Free Virtual Instuments Butte MT

Yellow Tools offers a variety of individual instruments compatible with Free. However, if you like what you hear with Free, you’ll probably opt for the Pro version ($499 street), as the cost of individual instruments adds up fast, and they’re all included in Pro. But don’t get the wrong idea; the library included with Free doesn’t skimp—it has really useful, representative sounds.
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