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Studio Accessories Ocala FL

In this article, we provides you some cheap and cheerful studio accessories that make your life a lot easier. Read on to know the details of these goodies and gadgets.

Sears Music Center
(352) 237-1175
3100 Sw College Rd Ste 300
Ocala, FL
Sound Exchange
(352) 694-7662
2906 Ne 14th St Suite #101
Ocala, FL
Pro Electronics Repair
(352) 629-9811
2142 E Silver Springs Bld Ste 14
Ocala, FL
Sound Exchange Music Instruments
(352) 694-7290
2906 NE 14th St Ste 101
Ocala, FL
Sam's Quality Guitar Repair
(352) 817-6261
3 Pecan Run Harbor
Ocala, FL
Prices and/or Promotions
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Broadcaster General
(352) 622-7700
2480 Se 52Nd St
Ocala, FL
Sound Exchange Music
(352) 694-7290
2906 Ne 14Th St
Ocala, FL
Sears Music Center Formerly Roland Music
(352) 237-1175
3100 SW College Rd Ste 490
Ocala, FL
Parramore Music
(352) 732-6776
304 E Silver Springs Blvd
Ocala, FL
Sadeal, Inc.
(904) 725-1172
10236 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL

Studio Accessories

This issue, we’re going for gadgets galore—with a bunch of inexpensive, tried-and-tested groovy goodies for solving pernicious problems.

FellowesFellowes CD Storage Boxes ($18 street, ).
Problem: You have a zillion CD/DVD-ROMs because you’re smart, and back up your data.
Solution: Forget about expensive binders, jewel cases, and towers. For stuff you need to store but don’t need to access often, put your discs in paper sleeves, and get a high-capacity storage box like the Fellowes 96503.

Ziotek_Ziotek Power Strip Liberator (5-pack for $7.80, ).
Problem: You have a barrier strip, you have wall warts, and the wall warts block outlets.
Solution: Ziotek offers several “power strip liberators” in various lengths, available singly or in money-saving packages.


MightyBrightMighty Bright Micro Clip Light ($6 street, www.mighty ).
Problem: You need to connect something to the back of a rack or computer, but it’s dark—and holding a flashlight ties up one hand.
Solution: The Micro Clip Light is bright, and can lay flat or clip on to a shirt pocket or thin surface. And, you can rotate the lens to place the beam where you need it.


ProfilePT2800Profile PT-2800 Digital Tuner ($15 street, www.american ).
Problem: You want to tune an acoustic instrument—guitar, ukulele, violin, bass, etc.—but you need three hands to play the instrument and hold a tuner with a built-in mic.
Solution: Clamp this on to the headstock, and tune away. It’s bright, too, so it’s great on stage.

LevelPilotTC Electronic Level Pilot ($80 street, ).
Problem: You have near-field monitors driven by an interface with no master volume control—and occasional blasts of sound make your ears hurt.
Solution: Level Pilot is a classy, highresolution pot (that’s why it’s not cheap) with stereo XLR male and female connectors. Insert this between the speaker ins and whatever feeds them for an instant master volume control.


Batt-O-MeterKeith McMillen Batt-O-Meter ($30 street, www.keith ).
Problem: So . . . is that 9V battery in your favorite effects box (or axe with active electronics) good, or about to die?
Solution: The Batt-O-Meter not only checks voltage, but measures the battery under load so you get an accurate estimate of remaining battery life. It tests standard batteries, too.


PickStickPick Stick ($20 street, ).
Problem: You keep losing guitar picks.
Solution: Pick Stick holds up to 30 flat picks, as well as a lesser number of thumb picks. It has a non-skid bottom, and provides a classy-looking home for your picks.

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